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I have known John Sjaarda & his family for several years. John leads with integrity in his community, church, his children's school & his family. — LeeEllen Seeba

Keep up the good work!!! You got this!!! — Kelsi Jones

John is running for house 2 district of representives on the 2022 race platform. His agenda of important issues, I feel are important. Less government, more rights kept up to us as Americans, and to the states. John is a Christian, pro life, 2nd amendment, and a anti mask mandate advocate. I feel that he has our children's welfare and future, in the front line concerns and therefore is running to make a difference and make it a better future for them. So yes, I'm all for these issues at hand , so endorse John Sjaarda and hope you do also. Thank you — Marie Kuhnert

John is a man of God, great husband and father. We will definitely be voting for him! — Darlene Walhof

I have worked with John and have known him for years. He is smart, honest and lives out his Christian faith. I wish I could vote for him! — Paul Smit
Beef Nutrionist

I think John Sjaarda can help district 2. He's got great knowledge of what needs to happen. Good morals and common sense. Vote for John Sjaarda — Gary Westra

As the former Representative for Valley Springs and the Split Rock Creek area, I fully endorse John Sjaarda to be the next Representative for District 2. John would make an excellent Representative as he has the Conservative values needed to represent the people of District 2 well. — Tom Pischke

My husband and I have known John for over 10 years. In those 10 years, many qualities about John stand out, but one that rises to the top has to be his willingness to work! I've seen this first hand. I run our school's concessions stand for all home games. There has been plenty of times where John will be in line to order something, and will instead help us to better serve people because we needed the help! He joyfully serves others, and is a "do-er" by nature. Small jobs to big jobs... John's hard work ethic will make him a great representative in Pierre! — Di Olson
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Sjaarda for SD
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