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Meet John

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the District 2 House of South Dakota!

For all my life South Dakota has been my home. I grew up on a farm south of Valley Springs where I still farm today. I learned how to work hard, and I love what I do. I’ll use that work ethic to work hard for you in Pierre.

I have been married to my best friend Kaye for 25 years. We committed to each other at the age of 19 and had 4 children in our first 10 years of marriage. Our house is beginning to get quiet now so we decided we could easily give a safe loving home to kids in need and became foster parents. Kaye and I are Christians and not ashamed of how important that is in our life. I am a volunteer firefighter for Valley Springs, a substitute bus driver for Brandon Valley School District and serve on leadership boards for church and school. You’ll find that I am down to earth, loyal and have good common sense. I’d be honored if you’d elect me to represent Valley Springs, Brandon and Eastern Sioux Falls.

After living in the same area all my life, I have a pretty good idea of what is important to our district, if you have concerns you’d like to discuss, email me at I’d enjoy visiting with you. I’ve had many friends and family encourage me by saying, “We need a guy like you to represent us!” I really appreciate that!

I can not get elected to this seat alone, so if you live in my district, I’d love your vote! I have opportunities for people to volunteer, and I’d appreciate your financial support as well. Please reach out and email me to find specific ways you can support my candidacy.

Thank you. 

Sjaarda for SD
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